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In the 70's and 80's if you went to the playground it seemed like at least half of it consisted of stuff made from tires. Tire swings, tire bridge, tire wall! It all worked, and provided hours of fun. photo: Pax Holley. Horrifying Clown Swings. Clowns are scary, especially for anyone who's seen the horror classic, It.

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All Inclusive Rec Can Bring Your Playground into the 21st Century. Playground equipment has changed a lot over the years to promote safe fun for everyone. Whether your school or community group playground is stuck in the past, or you are looking to add inclusive play equipment for children with special needs, All Inclusive Rec is your one stop.

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Of course, most parks didn't have a four-story roof slide, 50 foot steel tower, or bloody Aztec stone temple slide. Most, like the Central Park playground above, were fairly simple: monkey bars, a slide, a merry-go-round, and a swing-set, all on a nice rock-hard surface. Scary playground equipment was by no means exclusive to the US.

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1. Jungle Gyms. It just wouldn't be right to kick off a list of vintage play equipment with anything other than the jungle gym, the spiritual center of every playground and arguably the single most iconic contraption ever to pose a threat to the wellbeing of children under 12.

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Spring Rider Bumble Bee, Nicoma Park, Oklahoma. Bike Springer Vintage Playground Equipment. Tricycle, old playground equipment, 2014. Vintage Playground Equipment. Old Metal Slide and Monkey Bars, NE OKC. Old Truck, Vintage Playground Equipment. Check out Playgrounds from the 70s via Divine Caroline.

The Jungle Gym, or as we called them "monkey bars," was always popular

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60 old-school playground photos that made us wonder how we survived childhood. Randy Aragon. 05.28.21. If you grew up in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, then you know firsthand how fast time flies. There are many activities that highlight this truth, and one of them is the way playgrounds have changed. Truth be told, some of the old and outdated.

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One of the most beloved pieces of 80s playground equipment was the classic swing set. Whether it was a simple single swing or a more elaborate set with multiple swings, children would spend hours swinging back and forth, feeling the wind in their hair. Swings provided a sense of freedom and excitement, allowing kids to soar through the air and.

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80s Playground Equipment. 7 Playground Photos That Will Strike Fear in the Heart of '80s Teachers. 10 Things That Will Bring You Back To The 80s - #1. This playground. Playing in the '80s - The Toasted Tomato. Growing up in the 80s & 90s had some major perks (30 photos) | Rounding.

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Playing on the playground was definitely one of the peaks of our childhood! Every kid wanted to go to the playground and play until they either got hurt or. and there's also a whole host of articles devoted to revealing what your favourite celebrities from the 70s and 80s look like today.. 8 Pieces Of Playground Equipment You Probably.

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Tigs. Whether you call it tig, tigs or tag, this classic playground game has become controversial in recent years as some schools have banned it for being too dangerous! Well, the children of the 80s managed to play it regularly and survive to tell the story. A simple game of chasing your friends, tagging them with a touch of the hand and.

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Playgrounds today are vastly different than they were years ago, and some of our favourite playground equipment has been lost forever, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Back in the day, kids had a lot of fun playing on dangerous old playgrounds with tall structures, spinning rides, and other unsafe old-fashioned play equipment. Take a look at these forgotten and archived playground.

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Colorful plastic animal swings used to be a whimsical playground staple, but you won't find any new ones being installed today. Instead, they're viewed as playground hazards. That's because the heavy swinging plastic contraptions, which could weigh as much as 80 pounds, have caused serious head injuries in more than 40 reported cases, causing.

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The playground equipment taught us to be more thoughtful and to think at least one step ahead. A broken bone or strained muscle served as a leaning tool for the next time we were on the structure.. I am 80 years young, we used to play on this playground equipment and sure there were a few injuries, usually minor, but we simply got past ti.

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Retro playground equipment. Before the brightly-coloured, plastic playground equipment sitting safely on softfall and securely enclosed by a fence that we find in today's parks - there were the.

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Old Park in my city: Rocket Park. Had a multiple metal slide playground equipment in the shape of a rocket right out of 1950s sci-fi movies. Hot summer sun scorched many kid behinds and legs (and a few arms, stomachs, backs and feet depending on choice of use). Slide had a closed roof and top-most slide walls.