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Pororo the Little Penguin (Korean: 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로, romanized: Pporongpporong Ppororo) is a South Korean 3D computer animated television series.The series premiered on EBS 1 in South Korea in 2003. The series has 8 seasons. The series revolves around the adventures of a little penguin named Pororo, and his friends who live in the snowy hamlet of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter.

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At first, Pororo thinks Crong is a scary monster and runs away from him, but after a while, they slowly became friends and Pororo adopts him as a little brother. They also can have a little rivalry sometimes, as shown in "Crong The Troublemaker", "A Day In Pororo's Town", and most episodes, but they always get along in the end.

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Summary: A little penguin named Pororo lived in a small forest village far in an snowy world called Porong Porong Village. While having fun playing in the woods and building a snowman, Pororo finds a mysterious egg. He brings it back to his house to eat it, but the egg starts to crack and a baby dinosaur, comes out.

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Intro We Are Friends | How do Pororo and Crong become friends? | Pororo HD | Pororo NEW 1 Pororo the Little Penguin 4.68M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 9.6M views 5 years ago ★Subscribe.

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Crong (Korean: 크롱 [rom. Keurong]) is the best friend and adoptive younger brother of Pororo as well as being one of the two deuteragonists (along with Petty).

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Crong ( Korean: 크롱, voiced in Korean by Lee Mi-ja) is a little green dinosaur that lives with Pororo. Crong is discovered one day as an egg, which hatches later and is adopted by Pororo as his younger brother. He was 3 years old (currently 5 as of the 4th season). Crong is usually with Pororo and is constantly getting into trouble.

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Crong is a Troublemaker | Ep 10 | Pororo English Episodes | kids animation | Pororo New 1 Pororo the Little Penguin 4.42M subscribers Subscribe 277 Share 88K views 3 years ago #pororo.

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Pororo Pororo: An eight-year-old penguin who is the leader of the gang. He is a curious penguin who sometimes causes mischief with his friends. He lives with Crong at his house. He owns a red plane and wants to fly. His catchphrase is "I have a great idea!" He has a crush on Petty. Crong

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Pororo and Petty argue over Crong, who is not very interested. Petty suggests a cooking contest with Crong to determine who is better cook.. #pororo #animation #cartoon Pororo Season 7.

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Starring Sun Lee, Lee Mi-ja. Episodes. EPISODE 1. 1. A Very Small Dinosaur, Microraptor. Pororo and Crong go on another adventure to the dinosaur world! They help find the parents of the baby dinosaur that escaped from the book! 8 min 17 Oct 2023. EPISODE 2.

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Watch with a free Prime trial. Buy HD $1.99. S1 E8 - 8.It's Time for Bed. July 13, 2023. 4min. ALL. Pororo and Crong spent the day without a break with the baby. The baby is sleepy as he is getting used to the new environment. Let's put the baby to sleep until mom and dad come back.

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Crong Eddy Harry Episodes We're Friends! It's All Right Smile, Smile, Smile! Achoo, I Got a Cold Dream of Flying Treasure Hunting Who Touched My Snowman Videos Pororo - S1 EP01. We're Friends-3 A Magic Flute-2 Crong's Christmas-3 Loopy, You Can Do It!-2 Loopy, You Can Do It!-1412472926 Train Adventure-1412482980 Robot cook-1414769465

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Pororo movie | Crong Crong the Space Adventure | Show for kids | Space movie - YouTube 0:00 / 17:26 Pororo movie | Crong Crong the Space Adventure | Show for kids | Space movie.

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1. Magical Car, Tu-Tu / Nice to Meet You, Tu-Tu! 25m The gang makes a fun new friend in Tu-Tu the talking car, who plays soccer and has fun hanging out until he becomes frightened of Tong-Tong. 2. Magical Glasses / Gigantic Crong 25m